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What If?

What If?  I am sure you have asked that question a million plus times.  What if we run out of gas?  What if we don’t make it on time?  What if we get their early?  What if the food I ordered is not good?  What if my team does not win?  What if I fail this test?  What if I get this promotion?  What if I win the lottery? (I can help you with that one if you win!)  What if my kid does not get the scholarship?  You see, there are so many different What If questions that we process on a daily basis.

As a church family this year, we will be taking a look at several What If questions.  So far in January we took a look at “What If It Is 4th And Long?”  What if I have one last shot and it seems like it is a “long shot” to victory or at least the first down?  What do I do?  Who do I turn to?  What play do I trust as the go to play?  What is my team going to do?  Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Gideon all faced situations like this.  Yes, they were not on a football field, but they faced situations where it was a long shot and faced what seemed to be an impossible situation.  What is so amazing about each of these stories is that God’s presence brought power, security, blessing, favor and success to each of these people.  God’s presence never failed.  When we face our 4th and Long do we rest in the presence of God or do we strive to get that last little yard on our own?

As we continue looking at this question of What If, we will see people like Ruth who takes a chance at a relationship with a man named Boaz.  We will see King David processing a possible what if question as he asks who in Jonathan’s family can he bless.  These What If questions can lead us to evaluating our lives and lead us to asking ourselves, What If I …

Our prayer is that you will be lead to a deeper relationship with God as you ask yourself this main question, “What if I gave God everything?”  Dream a little.  What if you lived your life in surrender to God?  What if you were passionate about your time in His Word, speaking to Him in prayer, listening to Him in prayer, serving His family and reaching those who do not yet believe in Him.  What If this marked your life?  What would your life look like?

We would love for you to join us on Sunday mornings as we go through these questions, but more importantly, we would love for you to be connected to the church through Life Groups and other ways to go deeper into a relationship with God.  Attending Sundays are great, but that cannot be everything!  There is so much more to the family of God than attending Sunday mornings!  What if you gave that a shot?