1177 Gregorie Ferry Road Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 10:00 Sunday

Christmas At Lighthouse

Love Came Down!  If you live in the Love of God then you know what this means to have the Creator of Everything come down to be in relationship with us.  You know what that has done in your life and it impacts every aspect of your day.  Let me tell you that you are very odd!  Yes, a pastor just told you that you are odd.  You are odd because most people do not recognize the way that the Incarnation of God has impacted their life on a daily basis.  Most people are just living their own life and looking forward to the golden streets of Heaven that they hope to one day walk into.  Look around at our culture.  Who is actually living everyday impacted by this truth of God coming to us?  Not many people.  So if this does not describe you, you are not alone and we desire to come alongside of you and help you realize the way that Love coming down to us can transform our everyday life.

Those of you who receive the identity of being Odd, let me encourage you to use this time as a way to Disciple someone else through this month and help them realize what it means in your life for God to transform your everyday life.  Who are you walking with in order to show them just what an amazing God you serve.  Through the month of December we will help you with tools and resources that you can use to have these types of conversations.  Just attending a weekly gathering and walking out thinking you are in a relationship with God does not make a lot of sense.   If it were that easy our town would be transformed in amazing ways since there are so many churches in our town that are massive.  It must not work that way!  So let’s disciple those we are in relationship with in such a way that they understand this month that Love Came Down to them.

We look forward to you joining us this month as we look through these truths!  If you have questions or would like to have further conversations about how you can participate please contact us!  We cannot disciple everyone on our own!  We need you!


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