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Consequential Decisions – Esther Study

Every Decision has a consequence.  We are constantly making decisions every minute of every day that brings some sort of consequence.  Even trying not to make a decision at any given time is making a decision to not make decisions.  Throughout the story of Ester there are so many small and massive decisions that bring both favorable and destructive consequences.  Beginning April 18th we will study the book of Esther for at least 4 weeks.
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Think back to many decisions that you made in your life that brought a favorable consequence.  How did you come to making this decision?  Week 1 of Esther study, we will look at how we make decisions from a Biblical Worldview.

We invite you to read the book of Esther ahead of the study beginning.  You will gain much more from this study as you put some effort into the study ahead of time.  If you have questions about the book of Esther, please shoot them to us.

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