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2017 Fall Men’s Hike – What Is Essential?

This year’s Hike is going to be amazing!!  We will be focusing on what is Essential!  Not only for the Hike but also for life.   So often as men we get so focused on what is not essential that we spend a majority of our energy fighting against worthless battles.  Do you know what is Essential?  We will journey together to focus on what is Essential so we can be the Men, the Husbands, the Fathers, the Sons, the Friends and the Church Leaders that God is calling each of us to be!



Registration Is Below!

October 19-22, 2017
$50 Registration Fee – Includes: T-Shirt, Book, Hike Team Gear, 3 Dinner Meals
Registration Is Due – September 3rd

We will have 4 Meetings Prior To The Hike.
At these meetings we will discuss a book together called, Essentialism, as well as discuss trail and Essentials for Hiking.   Even if you have hiked with us before, we highly encourage these meetings in order to have a common language before the hike.

If you are new to Lighthouse or have never hiked with us before, we are super excited that you are looking to hike with us.

If you have any questions regarding the Hike please let us know.

Men's Hike Fall 2017