1177 Gregorie Ferry Road Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 10:00 AM Sunday

2018 Fall Men’s Hike

Men, are you needing or just wanting to take an Adventure With A Purpose?

You were born for adventure and you crave adventure, but like most men you just do not know where to fit that into the daily grind of life.  We all get it!  Just because that is the way things are does not mean that is the way things need to be!  Join us for this adventure!

This Hike we will have a challenge for all ages.  Men, if you know you could never walk the trail but being in the woods for a few days doing some hiking, praying, connecting with others sounds amazing to you then come with us!  We will have a King’s Hike Team!

October 18-20 we will journey together on a trail as we discover that inner adventurous spirit deep inside our soul.  Sitting around a campfire, looking over the amazing valleys, striving to take another step along the trail and diving into great conversations will help you disconnect from the grind of life enough to Revive Your Heart.

Hike Information:
Hike Information Meeting – 8-28-18 7pm
Hike Meeting Number One – 9-11-18 7pm
Hike Meeting Number Two – 9-25-18 7pm
Hike Meeting Number Three – 10-9-18 7pm

At each of these meetings we will be discussing different aspects of the hike.  Food, Clothing, Gear, Tail Information … will all be covered during one of these meetings.  We will also be reading a book together called, Wild At Heart by John Eldredge.  We have not done this book for a hike in a long time and I believe we are at the perfect time to look at this book again.  Go ahead and purchase your book now!

Please fill out this form if you are planning to join us on the hike.
For more information email jgresh@lighthousechurch.net

2018 Fall Hike Registration

    For the hike this fall we will have: Kings Hike Team: base camp and day hikes as desired Trail Hike Team: hike the full trail Thurs - Saturday
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