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A Faith That Follows – Week 3 – 5-03-20

Do you have ownership of your faith? When we lack ownership of our faith we will give into anxiety, fear, doubts, pressures, lies, selfish desires and many more destructive behaviors. Our Faith informs our behaviors! Yes, we all have areas in our life to have anxiety, fear … but what we do with these things will be determined by our faith. Over the past several months we looked at many heroes of the Bible and how they took ownership of their faith even in adversity.

Recently we walked through a few discussions about how we can take this Ownership of our faith and make it an everyday practice. We encourage you to watch the previous 2 weeks of – A Faith That Follows. In order to take ownership of our faith like these heroes in the Bible did, we will need to actually follow after Jesus. Day by day walking with Jesus. Yes, you can!

Below you will see a discussion guide that we use for our Life Groups. If you are not yet plugged into a Life Group with Lighthouse, please reach out to us so we can say to you, “Come and follow.” Let’s get into community with others and discuss this weeks message.

Below you will also see the link for the message, A Faith That Follows – Week 3. We encourage you to read the passages ahead of time and become familiar with the Word of God for this week. The more you put into it the more you will get out of it!