1177 Gregorie Ferry Road Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 10:00 AM Sunday

A Faith That Follows – Week 4 – Worship Gathering

How has hearing teachings on Jesus, reading His Word or hearing others just talk about Jesus impacted your desire to seek after Him? Have you ever had a desire to know more of Jesus because you heard someone talk about their love for Jesus?

I believe this was a large part of Zacchaeus’ drive to climb the tree to see Jesus walk by. The crowd was massive and he could not get a good seat in the road to watch the parade go by, but he did not give up! Let’s be like Zacchaeus and not give up in our desire to be close to Jesus.

This weekend we will look at this story in Luke 19:1-10. Before we get into the way A Faith like Zacchaeus Follows After Jesus, we will look back throught he book of Luke and see a few passages that may have impacted Zacchaeus. He heard, saw and probably felt the presence of God pulling him to see Jesus. Let’s do the same as we prepare for worship.

Below you will see a Life Group Discussion Page that our groups are using to encourage discussion as they gather. If you are not yet plugged into a group to discuss these questions and ideas, please reach out to us so we can walk alongside of you. Community – Family – is so critical in our spiritual journey! Your Church Family is the best place to have these spiritual growth discussions. Read the document below ahead of watching this message.

Thank you to the Worship Team for their time and service to our church family as they lead us in worship through music.