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Acts – Church?

Ever read your Bible and think about what the Disciples and Early Church leaders did for “Church?” I often read what the scriptures say about the people of God gathering and compare it to what the “Church” is doing now and my heart kind of breaks. How did we get to this point in the “Church?” There are so many different answers to this question and they probably all have some sort of truth to them, but that will not help us become the Church that God desires us to be.

Through the study of the book of Acts we will see how Luke records the Power of the Church, the Mission of the Church and the Response of those around the Church. The more we are able to recognize these truths in our own lives we will build the Church that God has called us to build.

The Church is NOT a building, an event to attend, a service to go to, a program to fund, an organization to join. The Church is the mystery of God. Those who have called out on the name of Jesus are united through the Holy Spirit and Community is formed. Over the next several weeks we will be taking a look at the book of Acts from the view of the launch of the church, the mission of the church and our response to the church. We will not cover every verse of Acts but will encourage you to read along with us. I will send out through email as well as on the Event Page of the website what chapters to read before each Sunday. If you arrive with an understanding of what we are studying, you will gain more from the time together.

At any point you desire to have further conversations regarding Who The Church is and what we believe here at Lighthouse, please reach out to me. jgresh@lighthousechurch.net.