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Christmas 2018 Discipling Through Christmas

Do you take advantage of the time that you have?  Over 2,000 years ago God saw it fit as a time to enter into His Creation with Flesh.  The Incarnation is the absolute best picture of Discipleship that we can find.  God’s desire to come and walk with us in order to reveal more of who He is and to provide the way for us to live in relationship with Him is Great News!  We can also live out the Incarnation with our lives as we journey with others revealing more of who God is and providing a way for those around us to be in a relationship with God.
This Christmas season we will take a look at how we can follow after Jesus and live an Incarnational Life through Discipleship.
Here at Lighthouse we believe God’s Great Commission is not just a few verses at the end of Matthew but a way of life for the church.  Making disciples is not just for the “discipleship pastor team” or for those who are the “paid professionals,” but the call to disciple is for each one of us.  We would love for you to join us this Christmas as we look toward Discipleship Through Christmas.