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Christmas Eve – The Sending

The Family Christmas Card Picture may bring a host of emotions for you.  I get it!  From picking the best setting, to outfits, screaming children who cannot keep their hands to themselves, someone always has their eyes shut and the photographer looks at you like you are the worst parent in the world.  This Christmas season at Lighthouse we will be comparing the Family Christmas Card Picture to the Birth of the Savior.  We would love for you to join us each week as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Eve Service is a beautiful night of celebration and worship here at Lighthouse.  The beauty of Christmas, the excitement of the family being together and yes probably more picture taking!  Over the past few weeks we have compared the Birth of Our Savior to the Family Christmas Card Photo.  Who did you send this card to?  Did you forget someone or intentionally not send one to someone?  Some may have even sent one to someone just to rub it in how beautiful your family really is.  I get it!  Who do we take this gospel to?  Who do we send out the Good News Of Great Joy that is for all the earth?  It was up to the shepherds to go and take this good news.  It was up to the disciples that Jesus would eventually lead.  It was up to the early church leaders.  It was up to whoever shared with you the good news of Jesus.  It will now be up to you!  Who will you send this message to?

We look forward to worshiping alongside of you this Christmas Eve!

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Dec 24, 2019 - 5:30 pm Christmas Eve – The Sending View