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Empowered: Explaining The Life Of Jesus – Week 3

Have you ever been told to do something by someone who said, “Dad told me to tell you to …” or “The Supervisor said that we need to …”

The weight of a name or the weight of someone’s voice who has authority carries a command or a statement much further.  That is where we find ourselves here in the book of Luke.
As we continue our journey through Luke, we come to the point were Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist.  Why did Jesus get baptized?  Why was it so important that John baptize Him?  Can you explain what took place at Jesus’ baptism and why it is important?  Most of the people present at Jesus’ baptism were able to make the connection to the Old Testament which launched Jesus into His Earthly ministry.

Week 3 – Empowered: Explaining the life of Jesus – Notes

What Is Baptism?
Luke Chapter 3

2 Key Phrases To Understand



Luke is explaining to Theophilus

How do we see Jesus?

How can you explain the person of Jesus through His baptism?

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