1177 Gregorie Ferry Road Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 10:00 Sunday

Worship Gathering

Summer Of Belief

When was the last time you sat with the intention of praying and spending time alone with God for an extended period of time?  Think about it … Your answer will reveal to you where you are regarding your Belief In Prayer.

We may know we are to pray and even believe we should pray, but until we actually take the time to spend building upon our relationship with God in prayer we will just have an academic understanding of God and not a practical love for God.

This Sunday, we will look at our Beliefs in Prayer.  My prayer for this Sunday is that we will be able to realize our honest place with our prayer life and be encouraged to take our prayer life deeper no matter where we are currently.  We will do this through answering several questions regarding what we believe about prayer.

I look forward to our time of prayer and worshiping alongside of you!


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