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Up to this point, Paul calls for a Unity Within The Church surrounding the Gospel of Jesus. The Gospel Unites the church as the Gospel is the foundation. Once we are united on the Gospel, Paul then begins to call us to unify around Purity. Last week we saw that the church tolerated sin which lead them to a need for a Deep Clean as well as unimaginable Deception. Many people believed they were a part of the Kingdom of God but they actually are not due to the Active Lifestyle Of Sin that still controls their hearts. As believers and those who have surrendered our heart to God, Paul says we used to be that way but are not washed by the Gospel.

This week we continue with the theme of Purity as Paul addresses several areas of our lives. Some will look at chapter 7 and get frustrated with Paul because they believe he is talking about Marriage, Circumcision and Slavery. He does touch on these ideas but he is actually looking at how we are Called to Serve the Lord and Enjoy His Presence.

We look forward to you joining us as we Worship The Lord Together this Sunday. Below you will see the Life Group Discussion Questions based on this upcoming week’s message. If you are looking for a family to be plugged into, I would encourage you to step into a Life Group! Let us know how we can help with this step for you.

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