1177 Gregorie Ferry Road Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 10:00 AM Sunday

King of Hearts – Week 9

What have you done with a “second chance?” We have all been given multiples of second chances in life, but what we do with them is key. Blowing the first time around, but making it right the second time around will teach us so much about life. The tough question regarding the second chance is not what we do with it, but the tough question is “do I deserve it?”

This Sunday we will look at King Manasseh and his second chance. One of the most evil people on the planet turned to God. Did he deserve the second chance? We will compare him with Paul and how God gave him a second chance as well. We will also cover King Josiah and how he was a representative of God giving Judah a second chance. We will see what they did with this second chance.

If you are not yet plugged into a Life Group that is meeting regularly, please reach out to us so we can point you in a good direction. Our Life Groups are meeting weekly to discuss life, the scriptures and how we can be encouragers for each other. You are missing out if you are not yet plugged in.

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