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Empowered By Explaining The Life Of Jesus – Week 3 Discussions

As we continue to look at the Life Of Jesus from the research that Luke disciples Theophilus through, we come to an amazing launching time for Jesus.  Jesus’ Baptism declares His Identity and allows for those around Him to experience the relationship between Jesus and The Father.

As you prepare for discussions with your Life Group or as you prepare for times of discussion with your family, let me encourage you to read the 3rd chapter of Luke.


Discussion Questions:

  • Explain a time where someone used their voice as a powerful tool to give instru
    ctions.  — Parents – this is not the same as “yelling” at our kids to get them to do something.
  • What is Baptism to you – Have someone explain their baptism story if possible
    Read Matthew 28:18-20 – What is the progression for a believer?
  • 2 Phrases that are Key regarding God’s Voice that was heard at Jesus’ Baptism:
    1- This Is My Son Whom I Love – Imagine God the Father’s Heart full of honor and good pride as He declares this. – Can you remember a time when someone said – this is my wife, husband, daughter, son, friend, co-worker …
    Imagine Jesus hearing the Father Say this …
    What are we striving to hear from the Father …
    2- In Him I Am Well Pleased – How can we bring delight to God – as individuals or as a group – as you begin to think this through please make sure you do not head down a trail that the more we do the more delight He takes in us.  Have more of a discussion of who you Get To Be and how that bring Him delight.
  • How do you see Jesus?
  • How can you explain the Life of Jesus through His Baptism?

Enjoy these discussions and as always, if you have questions or would like to discuss ways to take this even further please let me know.  I would love to be a resource to help you lead well.

Sermon – Worship Folder Outline:

Luke 3

What Is Baptism?

The Voice From Heaven

2 Key Phrases To Understand:

  1. __________________________________
  2. _________________________________


Luke Is Explaining To Theophilus


How Do We See _________________________

How can we explain the life of Jesus through His Baptism?