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Empowered: Explaining The Life Of Jesus Discussion Questions Week 7

Based Upon Sermon From May 20, 2018

On Sunday, I will explain some very funny ways that we used to wake Students up within our Student Ministry.  I hope you are here to get some amazing ideas for waking up your children or spouse.  Please, do not blame us for any injuries that occur because of your stupidity.  Have you been woken up by a teacher in class, by parents or friends in a way that got your attention quickly?  I believe this is what we need as a Church Culture today.  We are asleep and continuing to doze off.  I am not talking about you who sleep during church service, but that would be an indication of something similar.  I am referring to how we as “Christians” are just going through life thinking the small religious things we are doing will get us into Heaven.  I lose sleep over this idea – Wake UP!  There is an Urgency to our life in Christ.  There is an Urgency to us Loving God, Loving Others and Making Disciples.  There is an Urgency to us Building Relationships That Impact Eternity.  Life is Short – Eternity Is Long!

This Sunday we will continue the book of Luke.
Here are a few Discussion Questions that you can use in your Life Group or in Community with others.  Read the passages, listen to the sermon (either live or from the website) and gather with others for discussion and doing life together.

Discussion Questions: Luke 4:38- 5:11

  • When was the last time you asked Jesus to help you out?  Explain the situation and what lead up to you finally asking Jesus?  Who did you look to first?
  • When was the last time you were 100% alone – no phone, tv, people, contact … Why were you this alone and what was the outcome of being alone like this.
    If anyone around you has a story to share about being 100% alone, celebrate that because it is so rare!
  • What do you think you are pretty good at – a skill, a game, a hobby – to the point where you would be offended if someone with a lesser skill than you had came in and told you what to do?
  • How did Peter respond to a Carpenter telling an Expert Fisherman what to do catching fish?  Could Peter now trust Jesus?
  • Who helped Peter bring in the fish?  Who is helping you? How are you helping US as a church family bring in the fish?
  • Do you feel able and worthy to be a fisher of people?  Did Peter feel the same way?  How did Jesus respond to Peter’s statement?
  • How can you explain the life of Jesus based upon: What he has done in your life, How you are following his focused plan and How you can trust him?

I pray that these questions and the discussion that comes from those around you will be encouraging and equipping as you continue to Follow Jesus.  Love God, Love Others and Make Disciples.  Over the next few weeks we will be taking a look at what Jesus meant by Fishing For Men.

If you have any questions or need me for any reason within your Life Group or Community please reach out to me.