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Empowered: Explaining The Life Of Jesus Week 11

Have you ever tried to explain something to multiple people all at different levels of comprehension?  If you are a parent of multiple children you know exactly what I am talking about.  Explaining the same story to different people at different levels can be complicated.  The incredible wisdom of God is on display when He had multiple people write down the life of Jesus to be used for Scriptures.  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all are writing about the same person and telling very similar stories but just from different viewpoints.

Here in Luke 6 we see Jesus continuing his teaching and this part of the chapter is compared to the teaching that Matthew records in Matthew 5-7.  Theologians and people incredibly smarter than you and I have debated for a while if this was the same teaching or if it was a different teaching but just similar content.  Does not matter to me because they both are incredible teaching from Jesus that we can look at in our lives today.

Discussion Questions Based Upon June 17th Message:

  • What are some modern “Blessing” statements and modern “Woe” statements?”
    For example: Blessed are you when you eat your salads …. Woe to you when you eat your doughnuts …
  • Walk through the following Blessing and Woes:
    Poor / Rich VS 20/ VS 24
    Hungry / Well Fed VS 21 / VS 25
    Weeping / Laughing VS 21 / VS 25
    Hated / Praised VS 22-23 / VS 26
    What do you think Jesus was trying to teach His disciples with these statements?
    What would this way of life look like – either following Blessings or Woes?
  • Look at VS 27-42 – How do you see Jesus teaching the Disciples regarding how they are to stand out and live different?  How can that apply to our lives today?
  • How can you explain the life of Jesus through this teaching?

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