1177 Gregorie Ferry Road Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 10:00 AM Sunday

Empowered: Explaining The Life Of Jesus Week 13

This Sunday we have the awesome opportunity to send off a few families to serve alongside of Lighthouse Family Retreat!  We will take a few minutes at the beginning of our message time this week to pray for these families as well as to give you some ways to continue praying throughout the week.

We will be continuing our look at the book of Luke this week.  We will be in chapter 7 this week as we ask the question: “How does Jesus respond to sinners?”  Luke continued his Discipleship with Theophilus as he recorded the life of Jesus through the book of Luke and the launch of the Church through the book of Acts.   Knowing how Jesus deals with the Pharisees as well as an adulterer who is repenting allows us to ask the question: “How will Jesus respond to me and my sin?”  All of this falls on how we come to Jesus.

There is much more to this message beyond what you will hear on Sunday morning.  This is why we highly encourage you to be in community with others in homes and around Mt Pleasant area in order to take these truths to deeper applications.  Below you will find questions that will help guide in some discussion as you live life together in community.

Life Group Discussion Questions:
Read Luke 7:36-50

  • Why do you think Jesus was comfortable around sinners and what impact do you think his comfort lev
    el would have on them?
  • How comfortable are you around someone who is bragging about some very outward sin in their life?
  • In this passage, why did Simon respond to this woman the way that he did?
  • When was the last time you had some sort of debt canceled by someone?  You may have had an anonymous person pay a bill, give you assistance … Or you may have acted harshly against someone but they did not hold that against you.
  • What did everyone in this room expect Jesus to do to this woman when she came behind him and began pouring this oil on his feet?
  • What did Jesus actually do?
  • What did the people in this room that you are in right now do for you as you came in?  Welcome you, take your stuff for you, offer you water, give you snacks … How is this related to what Simon did not do for Jesus?
  • Did Simon have sin in his life?  What did he do with them?  How do you hide the sin in your life so that others will think that you are better than you actually are?
  • What saved this woman?

I prat that you will be encouraged and will draw closer to the Lord and those in your group as you discuss these things together.  If you are not yet connected to a group, please contact us so we can assist you in finding the best family for you.