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Empowered: Explaining The Life Of Jesus – Week 5

Sermon On May 6, 2018

Ever thought about this question: ” Why are you here?”  Some of you would be asking me, “How did you know I was there?”  That is not what I am referring to.  I have often thought about why I am here, what is my purpose, what I am doing, why does God have me here, in all of creation and time why am I here now … There IS a greater purpose for our lives than just going through the daily grind and doing the same old stuff over and over again.  So often we get stuck there and do not take the time to step back and Dream and Reflect.

As we continue our look at the book of Luke we see Luke explaining Jesus’ purpose to Theophilus.  Luke is continuing his discipleship with Theophilus by showing several important truths regarding the life of Jesus.
Read Luke 4:14-30

Here are a few discussion questions for you to cover in community:

  • What were some of your “purposes” for being here that you wrote on your Worship Folder this past Sunday?
  • When you here the word “Urgency” what do you think of?
  • Can the word “Urgency” describe your life with God and the burden you have for others?
  • Why do you think it was important for Luke to stress to Theophilus that Jesus was just doing what he always did – going to the synagogue to listen, teach, read the Words of God?
  • Jesus states His Purpose: Reading from Isaiah 61
    Preach Good News To The Poor
    Proclaim Feedom
    Proclaim Recovery Of Sight
    Release the Oppressed
  • Do you believe these truths about Jesus’ Purpose for your own life?  Explain
  • Which of these purposes do you need to work on in your life – since we are called to follow Jesus as His Disciples –
  • Where is your Urgency?  If you could honestly compare your Urgency for, Making more money, Knowing Sport Team Stats, Being Physically Fit, Raising the “Perfect” kid …  to your Urgency for Knowing Jesus, Ordering Your Life Around This Belief and taking this to Others around you what the outcome be?
  • Take some time to discuss how you can become Urgent For God.

Worship Folder For Week 5

Why are you here?  Purpose For Being Here?
Jesus’ Purpose Stated In Luke 4:18-19

What is our Urgency?
How can you explain the life of Jesus through His Mission / Purpose?