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Entrusted With The Gospel

Do you know what the Gospel is? The Gospel is not – Love God with all of your heart … love others … serve on mission trips … be a really good person … The Gospel is the truth that God from the beginning of time had a plan to redeem you through sending His Son Jesus Christ into this world to be the atoning sacrifice for your sins. Through your belief in His life, death and resurrection you have are declared righteous. The Gospel impacts every aspect of our lives. Paul shares this truth as he writes this letter to the church at Corinth. The Gospel impacts our Unity, Our Purity, Our Routines, Our Worship and our Hope in Heaven.

Beginning October 25th we will unpack 1 Corinthians for the next few months. If you are wanting to be fully prepared to gathers as the church, begin reading 1 Corinthians 1-4. The Gospel and Unity will be our first section that we will cover.