1177 Gregorie Ferry Road Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 10:00 Sunday

Explaining Jesus – A Journey Through Luke

Do you have any issues explaining your favorite movie to a person who has never seen that movie?  You and I can explain the theme, plot, funny lines, different characters, why we love it and even why that person should watch it.  There is nothing at all wrong with being able to do this.  I have a fun list of movies that I could try to convince you to watch.  The issue comes when we feel so comfortable with being able to share details to a movie, but we cannot explain the person of Jesus to those same people.  If someone asked you, “Explain to me what Jesus would say about …” what would you say?  Most people would say, “Go ask my pastor” or some would say “Ask Google.”

Our prayer for us as a Church Family is that we will be able to infuse the person of Jesus into conversations just as we would an amazing movie we watched or a book we read.  Being comfortable with the person of Jesus this way both deepens our love for our Savior but it also strengthens our belief.

Let me encourage you to come eager to learn, eager to grow and eager to take what you know about Jesus and find ways to make it fit into your everyday conversations.  This week, pay attention to how many times you infuse random facts, movie lines or cool things you see on TV into your conversations.  I believe you will be amazed.

Starting this Sunday, April 8th, 10am we will begin our journey through the book of Luke.  How can we become Empowered: Explaining The Life Of Jesus.