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Family Times – Advent at Lighthouse

Family Christmas.
Some of you just had some of the warmest memories of the family gathering around celebrating and laughing together.  You remember the family diners, the family parties, the fireplace warming the room … You can picture all of that and say, God thank you.
Some of you on the other hand just had some of the most mixed feelings ever.  You are confused with emotions ranging from sweet to horribly chaotic.  I would like to say to you, I am sorry that you have had these experiences, but I know the One who brings Joy.

Yes, family gatherings can be some of the best times of our lives and some of the worst times of our lives as well.  Regardless, it is still family.

Who is around your table this year?  Who will gather at your dining room and celebrate together?  Most families have the “Cousin Eddies” of the group.  Guess what, they are still family!

This Christmas season we will take a look at Family Times.  Ranging from Who’s In The Family to the truth that Family Takes Work.  Each Sunday morning in December we will take a look at these truths as we keep our hearts focused on Jesus and the way that God used this simple family to bring the greatest Gift ever.  Can God use your family to bring this good news of great joy?  Yes, He can!

This year is an awesome year since Christmas Eve will be on Sunday, December 24th.  Here at Lighthouse we rarely get the opportunity to gather multiple times in one day as a Family of families.  This year is that rare opportunity for us to gather for a time of worship Sunday morning December 24th at 10am and then re-gather for a Candlelight Service at 5pm celebrating the truth that God Intervened for our family!  Let me encourage you to make the preparations necessary to gather as the family for this special day.  We will not have this opportunity again for 6 years!

Your family has the opportunity to bring Good News of Great Joy.  What if you made the decision this year as a family to be creative on how you brought Good News to those around you?  What would that look like?