1177 Gregorie Ferry Road Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 10:00 AM Sunday

Getting The Gospel Right – Fall Series In Galatians

This September we will journey for 6 weeks as a Church Family through the book of Galatians. This early letter written by Paul explains how Getting The Gospel Right is critical to the relationships around us. We believe God has called us here to Build Relationships That Impact Eternity. The relationships that we build must be centered on the True Gospel and not one that any person came up with. The church in Galatia heard the truth, believed the truth but was tricked into following a different gospel. Let’s not let that happen to us!!

If you are not connected to a Life Group here at Lighthouse, we encourage you to get connected before September so you can journey as a family through these discussions. If you would like more information about how to get connected reach out to us so we can assist you.

We are looking forward to spending this time together!