1177 Gregorie Ferry Road Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 10:00 AM Sunday

James – Week 3 – James 2:1-13

Each one of us places value for some things higher than other things. From foods we eat, teams we follow, cars we drive, shoes we wear and a million of other things, each one of us shows favoritism. All of these ways of showing favoritism is 100% fine, but when we show favoritism of one person over another person we are going against the ways of God. James is not talking about how I show favoritism of my wife over a stranger, but if I devalue a stranger for any reason at all, James would have a few words for me. This Sunday we will be taking a look at how destructive to our faith showing favoritism actually is. Yes, we are all aware of the current situations our culture finds itself in and we will not be addressing this specifically because it is all included in not showing favoritism.

The church must stand up for something different! We must live out our faith in a way that does not value one person over another, but a faith lived out showing the greater truth of following the ways of Jesus.

I am looking forward to gathering with you on Sunday as we worship the Lord who loves each of us equally!

Here is the link for Sunday 6-14-20.