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James Week 4 – James 2:14-26

Ever bought something that looked like the real deal but ended up being fake? Were you mad? Were you embarrassed? Were you excited that you were tricked? I would imagine you were like me when this happened. I never like being lied to or giving into something that is Fake. This is super important to our faith as well. So many ideas out there will try to trick you into a Fake Faith. Just say these words, repeat this little prayer, give this money, just don’t do certain things … and you will have a saving faith. That could be fake faith. Can you know for sure that your faith is a Real Saving Faith? Yes. Let’s look this week at how we can know this for sure!

For those who are not able to join us for worship gathering on Sunday, below is the recorded message from 6-21-20.

Here is you Life Group Discussion Guide Questions for this week.