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Keep It Real – Study In 1 John

Have you ever looked around at other people who you knew were believers and you said, “No doubt they are following God in their life because it seems so real to them.” I hope you know at least 1 person like this in your life. Guess what, you can be that person to someone! Yes, you can!

Walking through the letter that John wrote to the church in 1 John, we will see what it looks like to live a real faith. John was a close friend of Jesus and even thought to be Jesus’ cousin (different than John the Baptist – we know for sure that he was the cousin of Jesus). John was called by Jesus to be a disciple along with John’s brother James. John spent 3 years following Jesus and was on the Inner Circle of the disciples along with Peter and James. John knew Jesus and loved Jesus which overflows through his writing.

As we go through 1 John we will see that having Real Faith will mean that we:
Have A Real Relationship With The Father – week 1
Have Real Relationships With Others – week 2
Understand A Real Sense of Confession – week 3
Understand A Real View Of The World – week 4
Have A Real Confidence In God – week 5

During these 5 weeks going through 1 John, we will also have times during our message to have discussions in a group setting relating these truths to the Real World that each of you walk through. These breakout times will not contain “right and wrong” answers but will give you the opportunity to hear what other people are soaking in and give you the chance to meet other people in our church family. I am looking forward to these discussions as we get to flesh out the teachings each week.

The journey through 1 John will go from January 5- February 2nd