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Lighthouse Worship


The link above will include a few songs of worship, sermon as well as some general encouragements for our church family. As you use this link and gather with your family, friends or Life Group, I want us to think through a few thoughts that I am also trying to process as I type these words.

What is God up to? I believe God desires to use these current situations for the strengthening of His Church. We have talked here at Lighthouse often about the ways that we as the church are to decentralize and be the church in our communities. Well, here we are and here we go! The question that I have for myself and for each of us is this, “Are we doing it?” I know there is so much to try and figure out and we are only a few days into living very different than we did two weeks ago. The decisions that we make today with our family, neighbors, Life Groups, friends … will have an impact on how we decentralize as the church. Over the next few weeks I will be sending out daily encouragements that will help us think through these ideas. I do not believe that God is wanting us as His Church to return to our old normal after all of this is over. Let’s begin praying now about what God desires of us as Lighthouse!

Below you will find notes and some questions that will go along with the sermon in the video. My encouragement is for you to read all of this before you watch the video. Read the passages that I have indicated below before watching the video. Once you watch the video you can then walk through these discussion questions. I have so much that I want to say and to give to you guys, but I know I need to handle it with understanding how much information you and I are receiving from so many different avenues.

Use this time to pull away from the issues we are facing and turn your Heart and Mind and Soul toward God! Take Ownership of your Faith!

Message Notes And Discussion Questions

I pray that God will speak to you through the video message.  We are continuing to pray for you and our community through these difficult days.  If you have questions or would like to have further discussion on this topic, please reach out to me – jgresh@lighthousechurch.net

Now is the time to make certain that you are taking Ownership of your Faith!  Ove the past few weeks we looked at several heroes of our faith and how they took ownership of their faith. 
How do you see the Ownership of your Faith playing out in our current situations?

The Story of David vs Goliath is an incredible story of us fighting the way God created us to fight.  If David were to go toe to toe with Goliath he probably would have lost.  David knew that God gifted him with an ability as a warrior that allowed him to be another Hero of the Faith.

I know this may be a tough subject, but what is your favorite Underdog Story of March Madness? 
We love the underdog stories, but by the end of the message and discussion I hope that we can agree that David was not an underdog.

Read 1 Samuel 16:18-22 – how do you see David explained? 
Any different than what you had pictured?

Make sure you read 1 Samuel 17 before you have discussion.

Where do you see David making a Decision?

What kind of Preparations are made for David to stand up to Goliath?

What are the Provisions given to David?
How are the world’s provisions similar to King Saul’s provisions?

In what ways did David Reveal Fear of God?
David ran to fight rather than running away from the fight.
How can we see this in our lives today?

What do you think of the rest of the Israelite Army?

What did Goliath fear?  It is evident in the armor he took.

Thank you for being a part of our church family! We will get through this and be a stronger church family.