1177 Gregorie Ferry Road Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 10:00 AM Sunday

Men’s Hike Fall 2020

Does your 2020 need some Redemption? Men, what blaze are you following? If you have hiked in the past, you know what I am talking about. Every couple hundred yards on the trail is a rectangle marking painted on a tree, rock or whatever is available. This marking tells you what trail you are on. What trail are you on right now? Do you know the destination? I know along our journey there are many destinations along the trail. Sometimes the goal is to just keep moving until lunchtime. I get it! Life is not a lot different.

On this hike we will look at how we can keep our eyes focused on the Blaze ahead and make those destination points mean something in life. Just showing up somewhere hoping it is a good spot will not work. On a hike, we need to end where are cars are located!

Come and join us as we take this journey together.
Men – Senior Year in High School and UP! Yes, the trail is a tough 2 night and 3 day journey with everything on your back! You will need to be able to make that type of journey to sign up. You may not think you can do it, but we will help!

For more information or to sign up, please email jgresh@ligthousechurch.net today. Sign ups will only last for 10 days!