1177 Gregorie Ferry Road Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 10:00 AM Sunday

Movie Night At Lighthouse Church

Want to be encouraged and inspired to be the Parent, Grandparent, Leader or just Human that God desires you to be?  Let me encourage you to join us for this FREE MOVIE NIGHT at Lighthouse Church.  August 26th at 6PM we will show the movie, Like Arrows.  This movie has changed my life and so many others who have seen this incredible movie.  If this movie does not inspire you to  be a different type of leader in your home, I will refund you the money for the movie.  Oh yea, it is FREE so what do you have to lose?  I Promise You that it will transform your life!

The Movie Night is FOR – All Middle School Students and Above!
Yes, Middle and High School Students can join their parents and watch this movie with them!  What an amazing way to transform your family together!!

This Fall, beginning in September, we are offering a Parent Series on Sunday nights called The Art Of Parenting.  The Art of Parenting is not about how we can get our kids to listen and clean their room, but how we as parents, grandparents and leaders can Direct A Child’s Heart Toward God.  Psalm 127 says that our children are like arrows in our hands.  We are letting them go somewhere.  Let’s learn how to let them go after the heart of God.

We will have more on this series later as well as at the Movie Night.

Movie Night RSVP

Thank you for letting us know that you are joining us for this movie so we can be prepared for your child!