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Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday

Do you know why Jerusalem was stirred up at the birth of Jesus? King Herod heard about the birth of the long awaited One, and all of Jerusalem was troubled by this news. Why? When Jesus entered into Jerusalem on a donkey just before Passover, why was Jerusalem all stirred up? Yes, it was Passover, but when they saw Jesus riding into the city like this everyone was all stirred up. Why?
This Palm Sunday we will answer the question, “Why?” as we unpack the incredible Triumphal Entry of Jesus. The beauty of Jesus’ entry comes from the way that it was told about through the Old Testament, and what He did when He entered the city. The events that unfolded over those next few days allows us to see the incredible Victory at the Resurrection. The power of the Resurrection is clearly visible in the lives of a couple who witnessed the events through the week. This couple watched the brutal murder of Jesus, and their hope was in Jesus as the Messiah. At the point of them leaving the city, they believed all of their hopes were in vain. This continued until they had their encounter with the Risen Savior and everything changed!

Has everything changed for you? Your beliefs, your values, your hopes, your dreams, your family, your work, your hobbies … all are impacted by the Resurrected Savior if we truly believe.
We look forward to you joining us for these two powerful weeks of worship!
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