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Resurrection Sunday – April 16th

What If?  Do you really believe that Jesus is who He said He is?  Do you really believe that he could knock down the temple and rebuild it in three days?  Do you really believe that a man would sacrifice Himself on a cross and actually forgive those who were nailing him there?  Do you really believe that Jesus rose from the dead and left an empty tomb?  Most “Christians” would say that they believe these things to be true, but do they really believe it?  Belief in something brings different actions.  When the disciples actually saw a risen Savior their actions changed.  They went from a scattered group to a gathered group to a powerful group who launched the Church into our world.  That was based on Belief in the Resurrection.

While the world around us focuses on Easter, here at Lighthouse we will look at the truth that the Resurrection of Jesus is actually real.  What if?  What are the implications in your life based on the fact that you say you believe in the Resurrection?  It must be more than a Sunday that we wear  new clothing, give our kids candy and have family lunch.  If that is all your April 16th is about, then you do not really believe in the Resurrection of Jesus.

We would love for you to worship with us as we celebrate the truth that Jesus is alive.  Early that Sunday morning when the ladies and the disciples went to the tomb, Jesus was already alive and well!  Let’s come together as the church and celebrate that!

10 AM Sunday, April 16th