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Sermon Discussion Questions – Luke Week 1

As we begin the journey through the book of Luke, I thank you for taking this serious enough to look through these discussion questions.  Our prayer is that these questions will continue to point you deeper into the Word of God this week.  If we can help you find a community, called a Life Group, to walk these questions out with please let us know.

As we study the book of Luke together on Sunday Mornings we will see a deeper understanding of the person of Jesus.  So often we can explain the details of a sporting event, movie, book … (none of that is bad by the way), but we have a hard time explaining the details of the life of Jesus.  We know the highlights and what He came to do, but can we explain them?  This week my family and I went to a Riverdogs game and had a blast.  At one point the bases were loaded with one out.  Myrtle Beach Pelican player hit a grounder to the short stop who ended up turning two (baseball lingo) with the second baseman.  One of the females in my family (will not name) said, throw it home … Why did he not throw it home … Cade and I enjoyed explaining that play and why that was the best situation. We can see a play take place, but knowing the details of play makes so much more sense.  Same with Jesus!

My prayer for us as a church family is that we will gain a better way to infuse conversations about Jesus into our regular daily encounters with family, friends and co-workers due to the way we are now becoming more comfortable with the life of Jesus.

Discussion Questions Luke Week 1 – What Is The Point?

Read Luke 1:1-4 and Acts 1:1-2
What is your favorite movie?  Why is this movie your favorite movie?  Can you explain the details to the point that I would want to watch this movie?

Who is Luke?
Who is Most Excellent Theophilus?

What are some podcast, teachers, books that you read or listen to?  Who are these people?  Why do you listen to them?

What is so KEY about handing down our faith?

What do we know about the relationship between Luke and Theophilus?

Why is Discipleship so important that we need to take it serious?

Why did Luke write this book and Acts for Theophilus?  To be certain …

What is the difference between Faith and Blind Faith?

What is the point of knowing the Life of Jesus? – At the close of each worship gathering we will have a few moments to write down an answer to a similar question.  Week 1 gets to the point of the reason for knowing the life of Jesus.  At the end of the series you could have a detailed explanation of the life of Jesus for you to keep and review.