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The Art Of Parenting – Parenting Group – 8 Weeks

As you prepare for the time of sending your child to school, some of you may just need a little encouragement as parents.  I am always looking for some encouragement regarding how I am parenting, leading and setting my kids up for their future.  Psalm 127 says that Like Arrows in the hands of a warrior are the children of ones youth.  If you were to walk outside right now and pick up a stick, would that stick be ready right now to be placed into a bow and launched toward a target?  Of course it would not be ready for that.  The same goes with our children.  They are like arrows that must be crafted, shaped, molded, prepared and finished before they are ready to be released.  I have often asked myself, what am I doing to ensure that when I let them go they are ready?  I am not sure if I will ever fully be ready to let that bow go, but I need to make sure that at least the arrow is ready.

The Art of Parenting class that we are offering will begin September 9th at 4:30pm in the Lighthouse Church Worship Center.  Yes, childcare will be provided.  Our desire is to encourage you and to equip you with the tools and methods of pointing your children toward the heart of God.  Don’t worry about the fear of being in a parenting group!  We are all in this thing together and we all have the same basic struggles.  You will grow together in community with others and the generations after you will be impacted.  The only cost for the class is the purchasing of the Art of Parenting Workbook.  The Art of Parenting Group will meet for 8 consecutive weeks with the 9th week being “off or makeup.”  On the 10th week we will re-gather with all of the Art of Parenting Groups and have a dinner celebration.  This night will be a Free Dinner and Worship Night celebrating and launching parents who are eager to point their child’s heart toward the heart of God.

For more information email jgresh@lighthousechurch.net
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