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The Family Christmas Card

Do you do a Family Christmas Card? If you do, then you will understand the progression that follows: The Setting, Obedience, Why, The Perfect One and the Sending. If you suffer through making the family Christmas card then you understand the fact that you need to select the right setting. The background, the colors, the clothing, the atmosphere … so many things go into you planning the setting for this special picture. Similar plans went into God picking the perfect setting for Jesus’ birth. The setting was set long before the trip that Joseph and Mary took. Week 1 we will look at this setting of Jesus’ birth and why it is so important to our faith.

Once the setting is picked and you actually begin the process of taking this special picture, you become an authoritarian while telling your children to sit up, stop touching them, smile, smile for real, look at the camera … come on and just listen to me. Obedience played a role in the birth of Jesus as well. Week 2 we will look at the life of Zachariah, Joseph and Mary and see how their obedience is important to our faith.

You are now stuck in the middle of this picture headache and you begin to ask yourself, why am I even doing this? Yes, this time is true in our lives. We begin to ask ourselves if this is even that important and will people actually look at this card. Week 3 we will look at the reason for Jesus’ birth. Sin wrecked God’s perfect creation, but God had a plan before this took place regarding how He would restore this relationship.

It finally happened. Everyone was looking, everyone was smiling and the perfect picture took place. What a massive undertaking this was! The perfect picture to go on the Christmas card for the entire world to see. Week 4 we will look at the Perfect Birth. A Savior has been born!

Now that you had your setting picked out, obedience and forgiveness took place and the perfect picture was taken, now you have to send this picture out to the world.
Christmas Eve Service we will look at the Sending Of This Picture. God stepped out of Heaven to come to us and we are to step into the world and take Him to the world. The Shepherds returned glorifying God because of all that they had seen and heard.

We would love for you to join us as we celebrate the Incarnation while reflecting on the Family Christmas Card.
Each week we will gather at 10am on Sundays

Christmas Eve Service will take place at 5:30PM December 24th.