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Worship Gathering 1-22-23

What are the benefits of Unity? When a team, group, company, family and even a church family are unified there can be great progress towards the intended goal. In Matthew 16 we see Jesus asking two questions. One question is focused on the “people around them” and the second question is directed specifically towards Peter. One answer shows disunity and the other answer describes the unity we must have within our church family.
As we go through the book of Ezra we see great unity here in chapters 1-3. The people returned unified and ready to place God back at the center of everything. This unity brought great progress in the building process. In this message we will see 6 points that lead to the people being unified. We will also look at our lives and see which of these unifying points speak to our lives the most.
Once you watch this message, make sure you are able to gather with other believers to walk through this passage together. Isolating and trying to walk through your life in Christ alone will not work!