1177 Gregorie Ferry Road Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 10:00 AM Sunday

Worship Gathering 10-25-20

Who is a “famous person” that you enjoy following? We all have people that we enjoy learning from, being entertained by or just keeping track of in life. Sometimes these individuals capture our attention due to their charisma, their intellect, their lifestyle or appearance.

This week we will begin our journey through 1 Corinthians as Paul urges Unity within the church family. This unity is not the same unity that we see paraded around for political gains today. The unity that we see Paul preaching is that “WE preach Christ crucified …” 1 Corinthians 1:23. Preaching Christ crucified separated people. Paul is calling those who believe this to unify and not let Christ Crucified be a stumbling block. Some people followed Paul, Apollos, Peter and Jesus. Do you know the difference between why people followed these individuals? This week we will unpack why they followed one and not the others. We will also look to unify around the Gospel of Jesus Alone.

If you are not yet a part of a Life Group (small group of families who take do life together through the Worship, Family and Kingdom), please reach out to us so we can let you know of the different ways to connect with a life group. You and I are missing out if you stay disconnected.
Below is the Life Group Discussion for this week.