1177 Gregorie Ferry Road Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 10:00 AM Sunday

Worship Gathering 11-05-23

What is God’s “call” on your life? How are you serving the Lord right now? The question of how are we serving is not just the ministry that we partner with, but it is also the manner in which we serve. John the Baptist knew his calling was to point the way to Jesus, and John the Baptist fulfilled this calling with faithfulness.
In this message, we are challenged to look at what we are doing because of our belief. Our obedience is tied to the belief that we hold. We do not do in order to earn belief or salvation, but we do and serve because of what God has already done in our hearts.
We would love to walk with you and point you to Jesus and God’s call in your life. If you are not yet connected to some sort of ministry here at LC where you get to serve, please reach out and we will help you either connect or start a way to be used for the glory of God.