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Worship Gathering 2-21-22 1 Corinthians Week 13

Have you ever stopped an argument that you were having with someone you loved and said to that person, “I love you?” Sometimes when we are in the middle of a disagreement, it is necessary to pause and remind ourselves and the person we are communicating with that we love them and are fighting for them not fighting against them. This does not mean we will always agree or eventually compromise, but it does show the heart of the person who is receiving a sense of peace.

I believe this is a large reason Paul writes this chapter at this point in 1 Corinthians. To love through an issue is to love the way Jesus loved us. Jesus loved you and I even when we were dead in our sins. That is LOVE.

This message looks at the way we must have parts of our life Die Off in order to love the way that God calls us to love.
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