1177 Gregorie Ferry Road Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 10:00 AM Sunday

Worship Gathering 9-18-22

One would think the Pharisees would eventually understand that they cannot trap Jesus with a question of the Law, caring for others or honoring the Father. Yet, in the passage we looked at this week, the Pharisees again tried to get Jesus to go against the Design Of Marriage by looking into a law of man.
Yes, this topic is a tough one to speak about within the church because so many people have been damaged by the consequences of divorce. Know that every one of us is in need of redemption in the same manner. We all receive salvation through our faith in Jesus Christ and by His Grace. The Pharisees tried to trap Jesus, but Jesus took this question back to the heart. When we harden our hearts toward God’s ways in any aspect of our life, we will see destruction.
I encourage you to watch this message and gather with others who can encourage and further the discussion as God works on your heart. If you need help finding a group to gather with for these discussions, please let us know.