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Jul 15, 2018 LUKE 7: 36-50 – How does Jesus deal with sinners? Empowered: Explaining The Life Of Jesus Week 13 This Sunday we have the awesome opportunity to send off a few families to serve alongside of Lighthouse Family Retreat!  We will take a few minutes at the beginning of our message time Listen Download
Jul 8, 2018 LUKE 7 – Are you a disciple? Empowered: Explaining The Life Of Jesus Week 12 Listen Download
Jul 1, 2018 The call to discipleship – Matthew 28: 16-20 Are you participating in the Mission of the Church? Evangelism: Discipleship: Apologetics: The Mission of Lighthouse Church is: _________________________ ________________________ ________________________ Participating in a discipleship relationship: _______________________ _______________________ ______________________ Discipleship was not a _________ of the first century church. Discipleship Listen Download
Jun 24, 2018 Calming the Storm Calming the Storm Mark 4: 35-41   Notes: What is ___  _______? Where do I need ___________? And where do I need to ___  ________? God always uses ___ _________ for ______!   Listen Download
Jun 17, 2018 Week 11 of Luke Have you ever tried to explain something to multiple people all at different levels of comprehension?  If you are a parent of multiple children you know exactly what I am talking about.  Explaining the same story to different people at Listen Download
Jun 10, 2018 Week 10 of Luke Empowered: Explaining The Life Of Jesus Week 10 Life Group Discussion Questions Based Upon Sermon On June 10, 2018 Have you ever found out that you had broken some law that you had no idea was a law?  Going 55 Listen Download
Jun 3, 2018 Week 9 of Luke   When was the last time you had “on the job training” or started a new job and had to sit through hours of orientation?  When we start a new job or need to go through on the job training, Listen Download
May 27, 2018 Week 8 of Luke Discussion Questions based upon Sermon for May 27, 2018. What are some issues that has kept you from completing a project?  Without getting in trouble by your spouse, what are some projects that are still left undone?  Why is that Listen Download
May 20, 2018 Week 7 of Luke Based Upon Sermon From May 20, 2018 On Sunday, I will explain some very funny ways that we used to wake Students up within our Student Ministry.  I hope you are here to get some amazing ideas for waking up Listen Download
May 13, 2018 Luke – Empowered: Explaining the life of Jesus – Week 6 Based on Sermon from May 13, 2018. What is your favorite “Superhero” movie? What is it about this character that draws you into picking him/her as your favorite? Is it the way they can scale buildings, swing from webs, stop Listen Download