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Nov 22, 2020 Corinthians Week 5 What is your dream meal? Imagine you were out on a vacation trip with some others from our church family, and you entered a beautiful fancy dinner location. Everything on the menu sounds incredible. You are so hungry and looking Listen Download
Nov 15, 2020 11.15.20 Up to this point, Paul calls for a Unity Within The Church surrounding the Gospel of Jesus. The Gospel Unites the church as the Gospel is the foundation. Once we are united on the Gospel, Paul then begins to call Listen Download
Oct 11, 2020 10.11.20     This past Sunday we had one of our Elders, Bob S, preach. His heart for the church and his heart for the people of God is passionate. I know you will hear his heart for you the church. Listen Download
Sep 27, 2020 King of Hearts – Week 9 What have you done with a “second chance?” We have all been given multiples of second chances in life, but what we do with them is key. Blowing the first time around, but making it right the second time around Listen Download
Sep 20, 2020 King of Hearts – Week 7 King Hezekiah—2 Chronicles 29-32 / 2 Kings 18-20 Do the passions of our life become influenced by our Relationship with God or does our passions influence our relationship with God? 2 Chronicles 29:1-2 3 Things That Take Place In Judah Listen Download
Sep 6, 2020 King of Hearts – Week 6 King Of Hearts Week 6 What happens when we are outside of our Spiritual Bubble? When being influenced by the world becomes the common situation, what will we do with out devotion to God? This week we look at two Listen Download
Aug 30, 2020 King of Hearts – Week 5 This week we continue our look at the King of Hearts. Some of the kings of Judah that did what was right in the eyes of the Lord. Yes, the kings we will study had a heart for God, but Listen Download
Aug 23, 2020 8-23-20 – King of Hearts – Week 4 Think about some decisions you have made in the last few years. 20 years ago would you have thought you would have made that decision? King Asa had the opportunity to face the same issue two times and make two Listen Download
Aug 16, 2020 8-16-20 This weekend we will continue to look at the King Of Hearts. I am sure you have had a situation where you desired something to the point where it consumed your heart and mind for months. The day finally came Listen Download
Aug 9, 2020 8-9-20 Video How is your heart? What does God desire and what is God looking for? These are some of the questions that we address with this week’s message titled, King of Hearts. This week we look at King David. Yes, years Listen Download